• Gold: 1,203.62 5.14
  • Silver: 14.23 0.07
  • Euro: 1.168 0.002
  • USDX: 94.514 -0.126
  • Oil: 69.69 0.15

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 14.23 14.24
Low|High 14.15 14.23
Change 0.07  0.49% 
Sep 19, 2018 02:04:03 EST
1 mo -0.5114 -3.47%
1 yr -3.0775 -17.79%
Low|High 13.94 17.70

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,203.56 1,203.65
Low|High 1,198.24 1,204.12
Change 5.08  0.42% 
Sep 19, 2018 02:04:23 EST
1 mo +18.92 +1.6%
1 yr -107.23 -8.18%
Low|High 1,160.27 1,366.08

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 84.56 84.62
Low|High 84.51 84.70
Change -0.0393  -0.05% 
Sep 19, 2018 02:04:23 EST
1 mo +4.8749 +6.12%
1 yr +8.844 +11.68%
Low|High 74.15 85.17

Silver Edition


Theodore Butler, September 17, 12:27 pm

Eric Sprott, September 14, 3:21 pm

“The whole premise for gold going down, which is this phony premise about the strong dollar and that interest rates are going up, it’s just a narrative that covers for what’s going on in the paper market. It’s just a narrative, OK? The reality is that… we talked last week about India buying 100 tonnes of gold in August. I mean, that was an incredible purchase! … And various central banks have been buyers of gold… It’s like, man, there’s not going to be enough gold around. So, I think we’re looking good.”

SilverCOTReport, September 14, 3:15 pm

COT Silver Report - September 14, 2018

SRSrocco, September 11, 10:34 pm

While the precious metals are totally off the radar by the majority of investors, silver is setting up for one major bull market. Yes, it’s hard to believe as the gold and silver prices have been trending lower while the broader markets grind up higher, but if we look at the fundamental and technical indicators, the stock market and precious metals are now at extreme opposites.

Clive Maund, September 9, 10:17 pm

The latest gold and silver COTs and Hedgers charts are quite simply astounding – we have not see anything like it since the site started 15 years ago. In addition, short selling of gold and silver by futures traders is at record levels by a huge margin at a time when bullishness towards the dollar is also at extreme levels. All of this points not just to a reversal soon, but to a meltup in gold and silver triggered by a scramble to exit massive short positions once the tide turns.

SilverCOTReport, September 7, 3:15 pm

COT Silver Report - September 7, 2018

Craig Hemke, September 4, 4:29 pm

Putting this all together, we must once again warn precious metal investors and traders to avoid "catching the falling knife". Though it may appear that price is near a physical floor... and though it may appear that the CoT positioning is near historic levels... and though it may appear that the charts look oversold... none of this will matter if the emerging markets continue to melt down and China continues its regime of devaluations against the US$. In this scenario, COMEX precious metal prices will continue lower, despite all traditional metrics.

Rick Ackerman, September 3, 10:15 pm

I posted a worst-case target of 9.35 here earlier, but because things might not turn out that bad, I am proffering an alternative at 13.527 that allows for a less dire outcome. However, that is my minimum downside projection for now, and regardless of what your long-term strategy is for silver, I would not recommend buying any more of it until 13.527 is reached. For purposes of bottom-fishing, you can expect a significant bounce from that number, given the precise bounce in December 2017 from p=16.024. If you don't subscribe to Rick's Picks, just click here for a free two-week trial. It will give you instant access not only to the chat room, but to actionable 'touts', intraday alerts and impromptu ‘requests’ sessions online.

Theodore Butler, September 2, 3:11 pm

Ted Butler comes on to talk about the silver market, and why JP Morgan is now in prime position to let silver rise organically for the first time in decades. Should those of us that own physical silver be rooting for JP Morgan? And if they do let the price rise significantly, what's next? More manipulation, or will silver begin using something more organic for price discovery?

SilverCOTReport, August 31, 3:16 pm

COT Silver Report - August 31, 2018

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