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Silver Edition


SRSrocco, March 21, 10:54 am

With the latest release by the USGS, silver production in the U.S. is now the lowest in more than 70 years. We have to go all the way back until the year after World War II ended to see U.S. silver production less than it was in 2018. While many reasons can be attributed to the decline, the main factors are falling ore grades and mine economics. Unfortunately, there just aren’t too many economic silver deposits in the United States, especially with the high level of environmental and governmental regulations. Instead of dealing with all the bureaucracy, companies are looking to Mexico and South America to open new silver projects.

SilverCOTReport, March 15, 3:21 pm

COT Silver Report - March 15, 2019. Futures Report + Futures & Options Combined Report.

Stefan Gleason, March 14, 8:32 am

Unlike platinum and palladium, silver has a long history of use as money. Even though silver is no longer minted into coins meant for circulation, it is still sought after by investors in coins and other forms for wealth preservation, inflation protection, and possible future use in barter or trade. Like platinum, silver looks extremely cheap when measured against palladium. Over the past three years while palladium has tripled in price, platinum has actually lost a few dollars. Silver is essentially unchanged over that period. Silver is so cheap at under $15.50/oz. that even if it goes on to follow in palladium’s footsteps and triples in value, it will still sit below its former all-time high of $49.50/oz.! What other asset class offers the opportunity to triple your money as a warm-up before prices break to new highs? Not stocks. Not bonds. Not real estate.

Nicholas LePan, Senior Mining Reporter at SilverSeek, March 12, 1:49 pm

The company has a cash position of $35,212,000 CAD, no debt, and has planned a further 55,000 meters of drilling to complete on the Silver Sand property. If the last batch results indicate anything, there is more good news to come. Despite its past, Bolivia presents significant opportunities for discovery and investors that have deep industry experience. The world is watching and Silver Sand could be Bolivia’s next silver mine. New Pacific Metals Corp. trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “NUAG” and “NUPMF” in the U.S on the OTC market.

SilverCOTReport, March 8, 3:20 pm


Streetwise Reports , March 8, 9:35 am

We are barely into the third month of the year, but New Pacific Metals Corp. (NUAG:TSX.V; NUPMF:OTCQX) has been moving nonstop, announcing major land expansion news and off-the-charts drill results. In January, the company announced a major land expansion of its Silver Sand project in Bolivia though an agreement with Corporación Minera de Bolivia (COMIBOL) granting New Pacific the right to carry out exploration, mining and production on lands adjoining Silver Sand. The Mining Production Contract (MPC) is for a total of 56.9 square kilometers, a many-fold increase from the original 3 square kilometer Silver Sand land package.

Gary Christenson, March 6, 9:44 am

Buy gold for insurance against fiscal and monetary predations of central bankers, commercial banking and government. Yes – certainly! Buy silver for insurance, profit and beautiful coins. Yes! Buy both to own real money that has no counter-party risk.

Craig Hemke, March 6, 9:29 am

Surely, by now, you know the drill. The price of COMEX Digital Silver rallies. Price breaks key technical level. Banks then increase the float of available contracts. Price stalls. Price crashes. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. On the chart, it looks like this: So The Banks increased the total float by 45,000 contracts on the way up and have decreased it by 35,000 contracts on the way down. So where did these 45,000 contracts, representing 225,000,000 ounces of digital silver, come from? That's easy. FantasyLand! The Banks, with no intention to ever deliver any actual physical silver, create digital silver from nothing. They then sell the contracts to Spec hedge and trading funds, which purchase these derivatives on margin and with no intention of ever demanding physical delivery of actual silver. These funds only seek "silver exposure".

SilverCOTReport, March 5, 3:23 pm

COT Silver Report - March 5, 2019.

David Morgan, March 5, 10:46 am

"New Pacific Metals is an exploration and development company with precious and base metal assets in China, Canada, and South America (Bolivia). Its principal asset, the Silver Sands Project in Bolivia, has the potential to become a world-class silver operation in the future. We aren't the only ones optimistic on New Pacific Metals and mining in Bolivia in general, as two prolific primary silver producers have sizeable interests in the company. These two important strategic shareholders are Silvercorp and Pan-American Silver, which hold a 29.80% and 12.1% interest, respectively. The land package is extensive, the management is from the A list, and New Pacific opened up the mining abilities in Bolivia. COMIBOL, the mining corporation of Bolivia, stifled domestic and foreign investment into the mining sector and as such there was rather a severe underinvestment for a prolonged period. This has now changed primarily due to the efforts of New Pacific in our view." This is what ROTH Capital, Joe Reagor, the Analyst currently covering New Pacific has reported about the Silver Sand Project...

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